What Works?…My Stomach

Mumbai Xpress, a Good Reason to Stray for a Snack

This article made me hungry. Now, that’s honestly not that hard to do, but the language and imagery in even just the first paragraph made it happen that much faster, but feelings of hunger weren’t the only thing this article instilled.

So often we read hard news stories that give us the bare facts as quickly as possible. Like when you don’t even get to taste a meal because you’re running late and have to eat it in the car. Stories like those, they sustain you with information but they don’t invigorate your mind, much like that of the car-meal.

This article didn’t change my political view, my environmental choices, or my ideals on out nation, but it did make me want to go to Maharaja (local restaurant) and see if they offered any of these dishes.

“The fritters look armored, torpedoes sheathed in tapioca pearls. The outside crackles, but inside the tapioca has gone gooey, clinging and pulling like mochi. It’s a delightful trap: crunch, then sink. The flavors, too, give and take, pulverized peanuts leavened by ginger, sunny lemon pulled down to earth by cumin with its whiff of broken husks.”

And if that wasn’t enough, they even included a super convenient map for locals and tourist in case they want to try out the vegetarian Indian cuisine. I also appreciated the author took the time to mention they even modify some of their dishes to accommodate Jains.

“Some Jains (“very religious people,” Ms. Shah said) also refuse onion, garlic and potatoes. To accommodate them, the Shahs discreetly do away with such ingredients in certain dishes, like sabudana vada, traditionally made with potato.”

The New York Times

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meat as much as the next person, but with the way the author described everything, I don’t think I’d miss it one whit by eating at Mumbai Xpress.


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