What Works?…..I don’t even know anymore…

I wanted to wait for this post until after the elections results, but I find myself at an extreme internal struggle. I try not to post many or extreme personal viewpoints regarding political elections, but I feel as if I’ve been cut out at the knees. Just give me about 4 years to adjust.

Hillary Clinton delivers painful concession speech

I’ll try and keep it very unbiased. I thought the beginning of this article was extremely powerful. It’s not completely uncommon to begin an article with a quote, but for the case of this subject being so well known, it was perfect, especially by using the words, “I’m sorry.”

There were purposeful breaks put into the article with phrases such as “Tears Flowed” and “End of a Campaign.” It allowed for easily understood transitions to different aspects of information while keeping it in a central theme.

“Her speech marked a bitter conclusion to a campaign that will be remembered for failing to fully energize Democratic voters and for squandering the party’s traditional heartlands in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It also marked what could be the final act on the national stage of the Clinton double act, the political partnership between Bill Clinton and the former first lady and secretary of state that had seemed poised for a remarkable comeback, 16 years after they left the White House.”
I can’t bring myself to say much more. I am braking every rule in the journalism playbook: don’t be biased, keep your voice to yourself, and many others. I apologize. I don’t have a good excuse. But I’m sure at least half of you understand.

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