What Works?….Brooklyn


Go door to door, meet the neighbors, watch prices dip and soar, learn how historical forces shape a single street—and also, how to play skully.

A tale of epic change, in miniature.

I loved this article. It was personal. It was visual. It spoke to the core of a community that has grown and changed over the recent years. There was a certain feel to it through the images that made it feel like you were watching the passage of time.

One of my favorite parts of this (aside from the personal stories and short videos of each person on the block at the bottom) was the opening image with the title text across it that made it feel like you were driving slowly down the street.

I liked the descriptive language that was used:

“From spring through fall, our reporters knocked on every door, crashed the block party, and hunted through public records to track down and interview 62 current and former block residents. They mined Census data, deeds, crime reports, and other public records.”

These are just minor examples, but I think it’s a great example for article content that may have otherwise fallen short of the rest of the article.

I’ve never been to Brooklyn, let alone New York, and while a part of me knows that the area has been improving from the crime level it used to have, seeing the actual residents and hearing who they are and reading about them does a great job at shifting my perspective in the best kind of way.

All-in-all, I thought this story was well written and visually appealing. It made me smile to see each person walking out of their home. Almost like they were waiting for me.

Well done.


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