What Works? Keeping it 2016 and not pre-1919!

Trump supporters want to repeal women’s 19th Amendment rights because he would win if only men voted

screenshot-2016-10-18-20-52-42Well, it never crossed my mind that anyone, man, or especially woman, would actually support the removal of the 19th amendment. While I literally cannot put together the words to describe how appalling this sentiment is, repealing the 19th is not the entire subject of this post.

screenshot-2016-10-18-20-53-12Early last week I noticed a fairly terrible trending hashtag on Twitter, #repealthe19th. When I went to look into it further I found this article at Daily News. It has since been updated, but I was rather disappointed in how much information it held then, and even now. Basic questions I would have wanted answered such as who started the hashtag and how long it took to trend were strangely absent. The only information offered was that it was started by Trump supporters shortly after a map came out showing if only men voted then he would win.

This only added more questions. Where’s my map? Where’s my link? Why are you going to tell me these things and then not let me rage out by seeing the map or even having access to it easily? Some of these issues were alleviated with the update, but several of them could have been avoided with a bit more thought and time put into the article.

However, even the update didn’t give the alternative information which showed what the voting results would look like if only women voted. What gives?! Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Many results I found when trying to hunt this hashtag to it’s beginnings resulted in many finds claiming it was birthed by internet trolls right along with the hashtag #killallmen. Now, I’m no stranger to things like this, but it seems to me that if this were the case, and the verdict is still out on that for me, then it was the responsibility of the author to ensure as little confusion as possible. Something that was not achieved.

Thankfully, the article redeemed itself by including a quote from one outstanding male specimen who felt the need to point out how women are so easily distracted and put off by pretty things.

“Give out nice enough handbags and most broads would gladly trade their voting rights for one. #repealthe19th,” user Michael Maier posted Tuesday.

I just can’t……I’m done.


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