What works?…If the Bra Fits, Wear It

Selma Koch, Bra Saleswoman


Many people speak of retirement and when they will be able to stop working, but not 94-year-old Selma Koch, the owner of Town Shop and masterful bra-fit specialist of over 70 years.

I love the sound of her voice, I don’t always understand or follow what she is saying, but you can feel the history of her life in her tone, which is how the story opens.

The story cuts out the interviewers questions, but I would assume the first question is when the store opened. I could only vaguely guess at exactly what questions were asked: when did you open, what do you sell, who are some of your most memorable customers, how do you manage your supply, etc.



“We sell everything, bikinis, thongs, briefs. Thongs are very big right now…..I don’t….I don’t know why.”

I don’t know if Koch intended to be hysterical, but I was cracking up while listening to her. She made so many amusing comments I could hardly keep up with her and I ended up listening to the clip three times.

“The thing that has made this bra business so fantastic is that bosoms have gotten so big. When we started we made A, B, and C. Now bra manufacturers make D, E, F, G, and H. And they are big! I mean, you can live in that. It’s like a tent.”

In respones to a customer who had called about having an issue with her bra:

“Are you putting it in the washing machine? Tell me the truth. Why would you do that? You wouldn’t put a baby in a washing machine.”

The clip focuses on the store, it’s history, and Koch. A wonderful addition was the random clips of brass-heavy music throughout the segment. I guess it helps that I adore Big Band music, so it only made me appreciate it that much more.

“You know I say, how many miles can you drive a car? Well, I’ve had a lot of miles, too. So if things are wearing out then they’re wearing out.”

At one point Koch even told a story of a customer who touted she never made the coffee because her husband always brought her breakfast in bed. When said husband was checking out Koch reportedly asked him to give her a call whenever his wife passed away because he was the kind of man she’d been looking for all her life.

“Well, she did die, but he never called…..”

If you have any love for laughter, you will watch this clip of her interview with Rosie O’Donnell.


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