What Works…Brangelina are Brange-OVER

There were several articles this assignment could have covered. The speech by Obama about the United Nations, the young man gunned down by policeman, or the man who set off bombs in New York and New Jersey.

However, the fact that I have seen this story more than any other filling up my feeds is exactly the point I wish to make.

Many of the existing publications cover a select few categories of information. There are tabloids (we all know we need that next issue that tells us how Kristen Bell lost her baby weight in just 10 days), hard news publications, and many more. These specific categories are not where I have my “beef.”

My problem is that articles like this get more attention by certain age groups and a certain sex than some of the other options I mentioned earlier. It’s sad. I’m sorry, but if this is the kind of things that people actually fill up their feeds and Tweet constantly about, then it is no question as to why the rest of the world has less-than-favorable view points of us.

But back to the article.


It was short and to the point and very dry, but then again, an article covering the divorce of two Hollywood stars doesn’t seem to require that much work and dedication, unlike the coverage of the bombings and following capture of the suspect.

In addition to covering when and why Jolie Pitt filed for divorce (irreconcilable differences), the article gave more specifics, including part of the reason for the split was due to Pitt’s treatment of the children. There were several other publications that covered this story, but this was the breaking article I was able to find. Most other publications weren’t able to release their “Brangelina” articles until mid to late afternoon on Tuesday, while this was released before the morning rush hour was over.

I am not a tabloid fan, but my purpose for choosing this article was to draw attention to how much more publicity it got as far as social media as opposed to the bomber from Monday. Even though I know it’s human nature, it’s still disappointing.


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