What Works? Not This Article….

Inside Facebook’s(Totally Insane,Unintentionally Gigantic,Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine

Mother of God…..I thought my ovaries might actually have time to dry up and rob my mother of future grandchildren (an actual fear of hers) before I finished this article. I’ve had a headache for four straight days now and I hold the gobbledygook wordiness of this Faulknerian rant wholly responsible.

It felt like the author wanted to make 1000+ points and refused to whittle any of them down. It’s what I would imagine an academic would sound like if they’d been slipped some LSD. It was like being in one of those endlessly back-and-forth relationships and you’re never really sure which point they want to make. I could go on, and on , and on, but haven’t we had enough of that by now?

There are dozens of references the author makes in this article, but a couple points stood out to me.


In my long, desolate wandering through this article, I found countless quoted
statistics, but no real information to back them up, like rating the amount of adult Facebook users. Does this account for accounts that haven’t been accessed lately?  How recent was it? According to this article, there are roughly one billion Facebook users. There are over 7 billion people worldwide and only roughly 350 million Americans. Since the article doesn’t speak about international political Facebook influence, why aren’t we pairing down this massive number to something more nationally relevant?


Another point that stood out to me was the many listings of political pages the author assumed I have not heard about, but then turned around and stated the millions of followers each one had and likened the importance and reach of the pages to that of CNN and The New York Times. Like someone trying to figure out what to where, it was apparent the author couldn’t make up his mind.

While I’m pretty sure the point of this article was to highlight all of the political influence Facebook as a platform offers, this article could have done with both a lot more, and A LOT less information.

I’m just glad it’s over…


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