What Works?…The Mother of All

Kolkata Testifies to the Grace of Mother Teresa, Its New Saint

I’m a big fan of super hero movies and I always find myself wishing that someone….”super,” for lack of a better word, actually exists. I am not necessarily alone in this desire, but what many fail to realize is that we are surrounded by amazing people everywhere. Mother Teresa was one of those people.


However, article subject aside, I feel like the title of the article could have been better designed to the actual content. The nutgraph is a description of the canonization event rather than supplementing the article title, which talks about the residents and their support of her. This is something the title is misleading about.

I don’t mean to sound callous, but of course the residents she aided and helped are followers and fans of her, but the article also states that those who were previously on the fence about her are remaining quiet. Could this not be simply a showing of respect for someone who helped their community, rather than supporting her shift to sainthood?

Perhaps, rather than solely rely on a few images and statements from those she helped, the (online) article could have benefited from alternate sources of visual cues, such as a short clip of her helping those in need, or even a quote from one of the previous naysayers.

I’m not trying to make any waves on this momentous occasion, simply speculating as to the accuracy (and rather boring) title of the article.

Here is some footage from DW on Mother Teresa’s canonization.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least admit that the volunteers definitely lend to the credence of the title, but perhaps a simple rewording of the title could have solved all of these issues.

Or I could just be a bit grumpy today.


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