What Works?…Mylan and FDA in Cahoots Over Drug Monopoly

EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern for Allergy Sufferers

Mylan.com won’t mind if I use their image.

In another attempt to make more money, Mylan, the pharmaceutical company responsible for creating the EpiPen, has price-hiked the product nearly 400%, making it a cost concern for many with allergies.  (Reminiscent of the not-so-long-ago price gouge of Daraprim by Turing Pharmaceuticals.)

The New York Times really hits folks in the stomach (thigh?) with this one. Not only has it enraged parents at the check-out line, but a petition pushing the halt of the price increase and supplied through social media has already garnered over 48,000 signatures.

When I first came across this article, there were no bells and whistles needed to get me to click on it. Many who were interviewed spoke of being forced to take their chances and not purchase the drug. If I am to be honest, I am also one of those people.

(I now run a lot faster from bees.)

Image: kirk.senate.gov

When a parent has to actually think about taking a chance and not getting this for their child, it is mild to say they are put in a difficult situation. When this is due to a company raising the prices for seemingly unnecessary reasons, it’s disgusting. What’s worse is there isn’t even an alternative option for purchase! Many people would go to an alternative product rather than an alternative insurance if given the option, but of course that road seems to be just a bit too smart for right now. (Thanks FDA…) While I can understand the need for drug regulation, (I mean, come one, we used to have cocaine in our Coke…) if there’s too much red tape then how is there supposed to be competition?!

Is it just me, or was there a certain regulation act that helped to control monopolies? Sure, it was originally concerning antitrust issues, but I would think medicine that makes sure you keep breathing if you fall victim to a rogue peanut would be fairly important also.

Someone needs to have a little fun with the social media aspect and see how far titles like “FDA Culls Human Herd by Limiting Life-Saving Drugs” are able to go.


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