Pitch: Hidden Heroes

Every culture has some form of hero. There’s Krishna, King Arthur, and Hercules, just to name some of the old ones. But what about the tangible heroes? People who made a difference in the world like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Leonardo Da Vinci. ┬áThese are the names of real heroes that will live on the tongues of countless future generations.

But not everyone can change the world. Not everyone’s name will be known forever. Does that mean they shouldn’t be known at all? Absolutely not. What about the teen who visits his widower neighbor every weekend? What about the middle-aged woman who makes more than five stops every night to feed and help abandoned pets? What about the mother who drowned to save her child? Are any of these people less a hero than others? Not to the ones they help.

These are the unsung heroes of our time, the people who work in shadow because they don’t need the attention or want the praise. These are the people future generations should emulate. Selflessness is not a common trait anymore, but it also hasn’t been completely eliminated. It may be called a “feel-good” piece, but who doesn’t want to feel better? People like this need to be known if for no other reason than they are special and few.

Who knows, perhaps someone who hears about them will be inspired to go out and volunteer at their local food pantry. Every little bit counts, and it might seem naive, but if that’s the case, I guess that makes me naive.


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