Wine Makes the World Go ‘Round🍷

I would never consider myself the heavy drinker, but I do enjoy my vino. Box or bottle, I tend to not care what it comes out of, so long as I can drink it.
That sounds worse than I meant it to sound. Think less hobo-under-a-bridge and more commando-out-of-the-bottle-while-cooking. I mean, who hasn’t done that before…..

However, like with most forms of fermented beverages, effects may vary. Most people have a story they aren’t all that fond of that includes a form of alcohol they aren’t able to look at, much less drink anymore, due to enjoying it a little too much on a night that involved cat-calling a police officer they thought was a stripper going to work one night in New Orleans. What? It’s just a guess.

Possibly one of my more favorite times I’ve drank wine is by myself, in my house, where I thought it would be a good idea to sing Disney songs so loudly my neighbors came to check on how I was. This is both a testament to their severe lack of knowledge of Disney songs (if I’m singing them, then of course I’m fine) and my apparently abysmal drunk yodel to Snow White.

I don’t know what they expected. I have a voice about as soothing as a squeaky washing machine getting hit by a train. When you pair that with my workout attire I feel it’s pretty spelled out. (I spend way too much money at

(However, one time I did send my mother a video on how to make homemade pizza, including spinning the dough. I didn’t remember the video until she reminded me of it the next day.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that while wine may not make your world go ’round, it definitely has the ability to make mine spin.


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